AWS outage

Amazon S3 Outage – CNI Update

Amazon’s web based storage is experiencing widespread issues. This problem is affecting many popular and mainstream sites. Amazon is the worlds largest web hosting provider, and “S3” is their largest product. The outage started around 11:00 Mountain Time and is ongoing at this time.  CNI does not use any Amazon services, but we use some

Two Factor Authentication and Password Security

Valuable information is stored digitally more often as technology use increases. Protecting this information is becoming more important. However, guarding this data must not  hinder the ability to access it. Ease of access to data is why it is now stored digitally in the first place. The solution is a security system that is difficult to break through, but easy

Easy Password Security

Password Security Made Easy

One lesson learned through the recent political season is that personal data is not always as secure as is needed. And, once exposed, there is little that can be done to get said data back. It is widely accepted that John Podesta’s email hack was not the result of complicated procedures that involved writing code. Instead, it was a


Password Manager – The Pros and Cons

Passwords are intended to prevent unwanted entry into programs, files or other company resources. But, we all know the growing number of accounts is DIFFICULT to keep up with. Employees have accounts for network access, programs, email, Facebook, Skype, and so on. But is there a way to store this information safely and securely? Enter the password manager. Think

CNI Holiday

CNI Holiday Schedule

Happy Holidays! From everyone at CNI we want to wish you and your family and happy holiday season. The holidays are a special time to spend with friends and family. A lot of IT work is done on weekends and after hours, but CNI ensures our staff members get plenty of time to relax and enjoy

Top Four Benefits of IT Outsourcing

There are a variety of reasons why both large enterprises and small businesses often opt for outsourcing their Information Technology (IT) services and systems. The benefits associated with outsourcing IT systems far outweigh the risks. If a firm has limited resources available, it can outsource its IT management or opt for third party applications rather

Technology training for the business

5 Benefits of Technology Training

Benefits of Technology Training Technology training has many benefits to the company. Since change is the only constant in technology, it’s  important to keep the team members up to date. Below, we outlined the main reasons companies should provide ongoing technology training. Training will help employees be more skilled, competent and efficient. A skilled team will

Ronald McDonald House Charity

CNI Supports Ronald McDonald House Charity

CNI supports the Ronald McDonald House Charity (RMHC) because we feel it is important to be actively involved in our community, and the RMHC provides an exceptional service. The house is a place where children and their families call home while undergoing medical treatment. During their stay at the house, most of their physical needs are met including

IT Service Provider Evaluation

Five Ways to Evaluate a Technology Service Provider

Technology is considered the backbone for businesses because it is used to create, exchange, store, and share business data. Therefore, choosing the best professional technology firm is an important task for the success of your business. You want a partner who excels in providing technology services, but can also work along side you and understand your

CNI Is Hiring – Business Operations Assistant

CNI is hiring a business operations assistant. The Business Operations Assistant is an individual who is willing and able to earn the right to be a manger or leader. This person relishes the opportunity to build, and operate multiple systems. The Operations Assistant is deeply committed to completing tasks the right way with a high degree