Password Security Made Easy

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One lesson learned through the recent political season is that personal data is not always as secure as is needed. And, once exposed, there is little that can be done to get said data back. It is widely accepted that John Podesta’s email hack was not the result of complicated procedures that involved writing code. Instead, it was a simple phishing attack that revealed his password to the hackers. The email sent to Podesta looked official and asked him to reset or confirm his password.  Most of us have been exposed to a phishing attack weather we know it or not. Is your password security strategy up to date?

Change Your Password Security Strategy

If we want to have any level of confidence in our data security, it is time for change. There was an era where people rarely thought to lock their front doors, and sending children out to play unsupervised was not an issue. However, changing safety needs eventually made physical home security much more important. Simple lock and keys gave way to deadbolts, and then video surveillance. But, how many of us are using simple passwords that we created years ago to secure our bank accounts, pictures, company resources, and important information?

Passwords by themselves are often not enough. The good news is, there are fairly simple ways to provide an extra layer of protection that will significantly improve the security that protects important and sensitive data.

3 Easy Ways to Improve Your Password Security

  1. Be Aware Of Phishing Attacks. Phishing attacks are relatively common, and can be easy to fall for if one is not familiar with how they target users. Always have protocols to mitigate damage done by these attacks if you or users you manage fall victim to one (e.g. a way to quickly reset all relevant passwords)
  2. Password Management. Apps like LastPass and KeePass are great tools to keep passwords more secure. These applications give you the ability to have different and complex passwords for each individual website. They also securely save these passwords, so remembering each password isn’t necessary. These complex passwords are far harder to get around. Services like this also mitigate risk should you fall victim to a phishing attack, since only one password would need to be changed.  Read more about the pros and cons of password management apps here.
  3. Two factor authentication. This describes the concept of needing two forms of identification to access a website or account. Typically, it is described as “Something you know and something you have”. The introduction of smart phones has made this technology very easy to implement, unlike in the past where special equipment or tokens were needed

Get Help With Your Password Security Strategy – Its Easy!

Check out the links above to helpful articles, and do your research. Be an informed citizen of the web!

CNI is uniquely qualified to help you with a strategy. Having a full service IT practice dedicated to solving customer’s needs.  Give us a call, and we will help you with the concepts and strategies to keep your company safe.




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Password Security Made Easy

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