Two Factor Authentication and Password Security

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Valuable information is stored digitally more often as technology use increases. Protecting this information is becoming more important. However, guarding this data must not  hinder the ability to access it. Ease of access to data is why it is now stored digitally in the first place. The solution is a security system that is difficult to break through, but easy for the appropriate people to access.

Multi-factor authentication is such a system. Many financial, tech and government groups now use this security method. The security system uses at least two different pieces of information that are harder for a criminal party to get a hold of. Requiring multiple types of data make unwanted access more difficult. The most common type of multi-factor authentication is two-factor authentication, which uses two of the following types of authentication data:

  • Knowledge: This is something that a user personally knows, and is the most common type of authentication. It could be a PIN, password or ID number. It will be something only known by the user.
  • Possession: Something a person has. A bank card, a security token or even a physical key are examples of this authentication type. It will almost always be something that is one-of-a-kind. This way, the device it’s providing access to can “read” it. A lock “reading” a key is an example of this idea.
  • Inheritance: Something someone is. The least common type of authentication, it is usually a biometric marker, like a retinal scan.. As technology improves, however, this type of authentication is becoming more common. Fingerprint scanning is an example of this, and is found in many mobile devices.

The purpose of using two different types of data is to make it very difficult for an unwanted person to access secure data. It is easy to obtain someone’s password through phishing or by other means. But, it is difficult to both obtain the password and, say, a security token or fingerprint.This is the idea behind the use of multiple factors of authentication; it makes access by approved parties only slightly more difficult, but increases the difficulty of unwanted access greatly,

In the IT Industry, two-factor authentication is not a new topic. However, many might not want to to adopt this security method due to how hard it was to set up in the past. But, With the introduction of smart phones and other technologies, two-factor authentication is much easier to put in place company wide, and even more secure as well..The process requires no specialized equipment, and is easy to use and manage..


In conclusion, Two-factor authentication can easily be implemented in the workplace via a variety of products and services offered by CNI Technology. Security needs can be taken care of by our extensive IT support system . We believe that an IT support company should partner with the client to ensure long term success. CNI has helped many firms start their IT practices, develop new strategies, and improve their business efficiency and continuity through technology. Our primary operating area is the Denver metro area of Colorado, and we serve branch offices nation-wide.




Two Factor Authentication and Password Security

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